Selling Whitetail Deer - Things to Know!

Selling whitetail deer is easier than ever. 1. Be consumer, not producer oriented. Always keep the consumer’s needs/wants in mind and focus on them. Avoid focusing primarily on product features or your own interests first. 2. Make it easy for people to do business with you. Make it easy for them to: find you (contact information and physical location) contact you (24 hours a day, 7 days a week by mail, phone, fax and e-mail) get information from you (print and electronic) order goods and services pay you (cash, cheque, credit cards, barter and air miles) get follow-up support and service. Constantly ask yourself whether are you putting obstacles in the way of people wanting to do business with you. 3. The number one reason people will do business with you is because they trust you. It is important to earn that trust and keep it. Some ways to promote your trustworthiness are: Offer quality products and services Keep your promises Be professional and honest at all times Reduce risks to buyers (e.g., use guarantees) Let people know how long you have been in business, the longer the better Join and announce your memberships in organizations e.g., NAEBA, Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce. 4. Constantly do market research and gather market intelligence. The simplest way is by asking your customers and potential customers lots of questions regarding their needs and satisfaction with your services. If time or resources permit, consider doing a random survey from time to time or running a focus group session. The more you know about your customers, the more successful your marketing will be. 5. Select a market position and stick with it – whether it’s high, middle or low end. Positioning refers to what image you want to project – a supplier of high quality products or a provider of bargains. All aspects of your marketing must reinforce your positioning. For example, if you positioning is at the high end, then your prices should be above average, your promotional materials will be of high quality, and so on. 6. Repetition and persistence are key to marketing success. Research has shown that you need to advertise 7 to 12 times to a particular audience before you have any impact. Therefore one-shot marketing should be avoided. If you have a limited budget, pick a few strategies and stick with them.

Selling Whitetail Deer - Pricing Factors

Because the deer and elk industry relatively new, setting a price is often a challenge. Here are some considerations: 1. Your prices should reflect your marketing positioning. Resist the temptation to drastically reduce your prices just to make a sale. It is easy to reduce your prices but much harder to bring them up again once word gets out. 2. Set your prices relative to how the industry is doing. It is unwise to undercut other producers just to make a sale. Remember that price is not the main factor in buying, and that getting a reasonable price implies that there is value in what you are selling. 3. Build in a 10-20% cushion into your pricing plan. This will offer you flexibility in offering discounts for large volume buyers. It will also allow you a margin of safety to cover any unexpected costs or expenses. 4. Be up-front about any additional costs such as delivery, testing or boarding. Most consumers prefer one fee that is all inclusive. 5. Offer a variety of payment options (i.e., make it easy to pay). Accept cash, cheques, barter and credit cards (they may want to earn Air Miles or points towards their next truck or car). 6. For larger sales, you may want to develop and use a sales contract that informs and protects both parties. 7. Consider offering a money back satisfaction or faulty product guarantee. 8. Payment problems are a fact of business. Avoid the temptation to protect yourself to the extent that you lose customers. Get insurance or increase your margins to cover any potential losses.

White-tailed Deer

White-tailed deer are the smallest members of the North American deer family. Whitetail are found from southern Canada to South America. They are an important part of the landscape in all areas where they are found. During summer months deer often use fields and meadows, searching for forbs high in protein, but whitetail deer are primarily browsers. Read more...

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