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It is not as difficult to find Whitetail deer for sale as it used to be. Many states have a number of permitted deer breeders offering quality animals. So what kind of deer are for sale? Just about every kind, with many deer breeders now producing quality animals. When it comes to the quality of the deer on the market, the critical factor comes down to price. How much are you willing to pay? If you are looking for deer for sale, to buy deer, then what is your objective? Why do you want them or feel that you need whitetail deer?

The previous questions are designed to help you, the deer buyer, determine your goals and objectives. These will vary depending on whether you are a deer breeder, deer broker or a land owner. Deer breeders are always looking to enhance the animals found within their breeding facilities. Brokers will be looking to buy for ranches or sell deer to ranches and other deer breeding facilities. Most land owners want deer with high quality genetics, specifically for antler growth, to stock on to their properties.

Buying deer is not as easy as it would appear. Unfortunately, it is difficult to selec the "pick of the litter" out of a group of whitetail, especially when it comes to does. It is difficult to assess the genetic composition and fertility of an individual animal. Regular deer buyers can, over time, gain experience in this process, but it's still difficult. Most must rely on the honesty and record keeping of the whiteail deer breeding operation.

Before You Buy Whitetail Deer: Questions to Ask

As mentioned earlier, it's important to have goals before buying deer. If a buyer knows what they want to accomplish then they know the questions they need to ask. Things you may want to ask the deer breeder before you buy: Can I talk to previous deer buyers? If so, make sure to ask for their names and phone numbers. What is for sale? Bucks, does, fawns, what age? How old are the animals I am looking at? Do you have fawning records?

In addition, you may also inquire about some other information. Do you single sire breed? What was the Boone and Crockett score of the buck used to breed the deer, and what was his age? Can you see the antlers from the previous year/s? Can they present the registration certificates for the deer in question? Where did the breeder deer come from? Does the breeder tag fawns at birth? These are some important questions to ask, but this is by no means a comprehensive list.

Most deer breeders are willing to answer all questions and provide buyers with any supporting documentation. Before approaching any deer breeder to buy deer, it's a good idea to ask others for recommendations. In addition, make sure to keep in touch with the seller. They should at least be willing to help you with any questions or situations you may have in the future. Lastly, keep detailed information about deer that you buy and/or breed. This will help you down the road, especially if you intend on becoming a commercial deer breeder yourself.

White-tailed Deer

White-tailed deer are the smallest members of the North American deer family. Whitetail are found from southern Canada to South America. They are an important part of the landscape in all areas where they are found. During summer months deer often use fields and meadows, searching for forbs high in protein, but whitetail deer are primarily browsers. Read more...

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